by Little Giant Steps

Would you like to:

  • Make learning and homeschooling easier?
  • Reduce reading, writing and math struggles?
  • Decrease behavioral distractions?
  • Help your children reach their full potential?

If your answer is “yes”, we encourage you to join Dr. Jan Bedell, aka The Brain Coach, and her team for NeuroDevelopmental Screenings. With over two decades of experience as a master neurodevelopmentalist as well as a public, private and home educator, Dr. Bedell’s passion is to serve families by educating them about how to enhance brain function of individuals who are gifted, typical or struggling.

NeuroDevelopmental Screenings are designed for children or adults (six years of age and older) who:

  • have difficulty following directions
  • struggle to retain and recall information from one day to the next
  • suffer with attention challenges
  • are faced with slow reading and math progress
  • just seem to have a “disconnect” that hinders them from reaching their full potential

The purpose of the screening is to give a snapshot of the individual’s current developmental function. This information helps to pinpoint the root causes of brain inefficiencies. When brain changing activities are done at home to address these areas, academics and overall function is greatly enhanced.

Individual screening appointments are 10-15 minutes in length and will be held onsite at the Homeschool Iowa 2017 Conventions. Confidential screening results are given to each family during a group session on Thursday (time TBA). During this session, root causes of academic underperformance and learning/behavioral struggles will be discussed as well as how to improve and often eliminate the issues! When you stimulate the pathways of the brain, they start to function like racecars on super highways instead of acting like covered wagons bumping along dirt roads.

Screening appointments are available at a convention discounted price of $25.00 for Homeschool Iowa 2017 registered attendees.

NOTE: While Little Giant Steps provides help and hope for all learning and functional issues including complicated sensory challenges, syndromes or brain trauma, this particular screening service is not designed to address higher levels of involvement. In these instances, we encourage you to consider Our Services, which provide more individualized help for involved situations.

How to Register for a Screening:

  1. Register for the Homeschool Iowa convention and retain your HI confirmation number.
  2. Complete the Screening request form at: Screening Request. Please place your HI confirmation number in the comments section of the screening request so your request can be processed.
  3. You will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the registration process.

For more information about NeuroDevelopmental Screenings please visit the link below or contact